the Umbrella Registry - Your wedding gifts, simplified.

the Umbrella Registry demo

Now's your chance to try out an Umbrella Registry for yourself. Login and see what your wedding guests will see, and then also take a look at the admin control panel where you can add and remove gifts from your registry with ease.

Once you've had a chance to get familiar with the use of the registry, get in touch with any questions, or go ahead and sign up for your own!

Public registry demo
Registry number: 1
Password: demo

Admin control panel demo
Registry number: 1
Password: admindemo

Both demos are full-featured versions of the software that's used in all our paid registries. All features are enabled, and you can do everything that you'll be able to do with your own registry after signup (with the exception of changing passwords). To ensure that everyone has a good experience using the demo, all settings and gifts in the demo registry will be regularly restored to their original demo state. If you have trouble using the demo, or have specific feature questions, please get in touch with support for assistance.
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